Research and Development

NAMCO's Research & Development Department (R&D) works and invests in innovative products. Greece has an army of 250,000 scientists and IT specialists and holds the 10th position in the world at the top of IT list!

Commercial Innovations of the “HERACLES” Applied Innovation Lab in progress:

  • E-PONY® VAN electric for developed markets and saturated cities.
  • DYNATEC Dynamic Technology standardized and encoded for local low volume production in Africa, Asia and Latin America. With huge savings of initial capital and natural resources.
  • Innovative leasing systems for Africa through mobile phone application.
  • The special 3-wheel "POLY" to replace the Diesel 3-wheelers in Cairo - Egypt, also known as "tuc-tuc", greatly reducing atmospheric and sound pollution.
  • New fuel economy systems on conventional Diesel engines.
  • Innovative methods of vocational training for the training of unskilled workers locally.
  • Innovative SOLAR operated PONY® MINI PLANTs for off-grid operation.
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