NAMCO is a company founded by the Kondogouris family. A family lively and visionary, with a perfect history of continuous 130-year commercial and industrial action. Out of these, over 60 years of industrial experience in the simple, flexible and profitable production of a small series of special segment cars, branded PONY® - A class of its own! Based on an in-depth NAMCO international marketing, it clearly emerged that there was a strong demand for a robust, affordable car that could clearly meet the needs of emerging markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


NAMCO's uniqueness is the production of competitive cars in low-volume series with a localization of at least 65% added value. Historically, NAMCO is the first Greek automaker in all Southeast Europe.

factory inside

Additionally, it is the only integrated with ISO 9001: 2008 automotive industry, fully certified in Greece to design, manufacture and assemble vehicles in small series.

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